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The perception of colours depend of the angle you view it


Manufacture:Hand Knotted
Length:390 cm.
Width:258 cm.
Thickness:6 mm.
Knot density:360.000 Knots per m² approx
Origin:Persia, Iran
Age:50-100 years unused
Size (Rectangular)300x400cm

In stock: Only 1. UNIQUE

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€ 6.446

  • 250-260

During the XIX Century, the Tekke nomade tribe was still the most important tribe under the turkmen nomades, which were settled between Caspian sea and the Amu-Daria river. Their carpets were still dominating by  the allover geometric  Gul motive , taking different foms depending of the tribe. The most famous tribes were the tekke, the yomud, the kizil Ayak, the Djafarbay and the Göklan,

Each of them had a caracteristic form of the  Guls as only   pattern, so that it is easy to recognize. The pieces which have been produced in the first half of XX century belong to these original individual pieces.

To own such an old unique piece is the coleccioneur proudness. Some of these pieces have been made like a Kelim, they are called palas and are very rare.

The new commercial production under the  same name of turkmen carpet of new generation, mostly procuded in Afghanistan under the same name,  is not to compare with these old individual pieces.