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Manufacture:Hand Knotted
Length:483 cm.
Width:370 cm.
Thickness:8 mm.
Knot density:360.000 Knots per m² approx
Origin:Persia, Iran
Age:50-100 years
Size (Rectangular)Greater than 300x400cm

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€ 12.231

  • 370-380

WissThis carpet is knotted by the nomadic Yalameh-tribe that wanders in the Fars province in southern Persia. The carpet is known for its distinctive richness in the pattern and strong deep colours, mostly in geometric  designs.  Sometimes in the pattern, diamond shaped medallions occur in a straight line.  The motives seems to be inspired by the Gashgai nomades  and by the bachiar nomades,. The pile and warp are entirely made en wool.  The carpet is considered to be of very high quality.

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