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The perception of colours depend of the angle you view it


Manufacture:Hand Knotted
Length:308 cm.
Width:245 cm.
Thickness:7 mm.
Knot density:640.000 knots per m² approx
Origin:Persia, Iran
Age:0-20 years unused
Pile:Kork Wool & Silk
Size (Rectangular)300x350cm

In stock: Only 1. UNIQUE

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€ 5.603

  • 240-250

There are not many rugs from Semnan,till there is no more production in this city and it has not been a big center of production. Situated northern of Téheran  the carpets or rugs are the result of workshops. The carpets are fine and  have some  resemblance with the Ghoum. The few rare pieces which can be found are most in good conditions and pieces for collectors, like this special piece.  

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