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How can I be sure that my order has been successfully completed?
After the completion of your order you will automatically receive a confirmation by e-mail.

I have successfully completed an order, but I have not received a confirmation e-mail. Why?
If your order has been successfully completed, but you have not received a confirmation e-mail please check if the address you have filled in is correct or if the e-mail has been sent to your spam folder. Otherwise, contact our Customer Service Department by telephone at 0034 911703638 or at

What are the properties of an oriental carpet?
An oriental carpet generally consists of warp, filling and pile. The warp and the filling are forming the ground canvas and the pile creates the patterns of the carpet. Depending on the type and tradition of the carpet, the material of the canvas can be different. The supporting unit, the warp and the filling are mostly made of cotton, whereas the pile is made out of high quality sheep’s wool or silk. A pure silk carpet is entirely made of silk yarns. The warp threads are arranged longitudinal to the carpet and mostly end in a fringe at the end of the carpet. The filling threads run crossways to the warp threads. The pile develops, where the two threads meet, through tied in knots, which produce the visual surface of the carpet.

How true to original are the photographs and the informations concerning the carpets?
The whole information displayed about our carpets in our online shop has been made to the best of our knowledge. We have carefully measured all carpets, so there could only be insignificant variations, as far as the size of the carpets are concerned.. The information regarding the density of knots is based on an estimated value. The pictures have been taken at our headquarters with a professional camera and areendeavors diligentlyto give a true image of the colors and details of the carpets. Depending on the pile direction, the colors of the carpet may appear a little darker or lighter at times. The settings of your computer screen also change the real colorit of the carpets.

What are the most important criteria to determine the value of a carpet?
Usually, the difference in price between two carpets from the same provenience depends of the density f knots.. The density of knots is being specified in knots per square meter. But the knot density is not the only criterion taken into account when it comes to the value of an oriental carpet. The material and the quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the carpet are also important. The value of a silk carpet, for example, depends of the densiity of knots and of the quality and provenience of the silk which has been used.. Other important criteria are the singularity of the carpet or the beauty of the handcrafted patterns so that a lot of different factors have to be considered to estimate the value of a carpet.

How can I find out the estimate number of knots per square meters of my carpet?
If you want to calculate the number of knots per square meter for an oriental carpet, you should  choose a spot on the back side of the carpet and start counting the knots on a 1 cm long line and .on a 1 cm large line. Multiply both numbers with each other and you will find out the estimated number of knots per square centimeter. In order to calculate the number of knots per square meter you should multiply this number with 10.000.

Concerning the carpets

How thick can be the pile of carpets?
The differences in the confection of fringes depends of the type of the carpet and of the weaver who made it.

Why do the fringes of carpets have so different lengths?
The exact length of the fringes depends on the weaving of the carpet and who made it. Fringes are sometimes trimmed short, sometimes longer. in older carpets they may be only  braided.  The length of the fringes of a carpet has nothing to do with the quality.

Why do handmade carpets have some imperfections?
Handmade carpets have imperfections since they are handmade, and this adds to the value, interest and characteristic of the carpet. In nomadic carpets, most variations are not intentional, but simply due to the fact that it is much harder for nomadic weavers to manufacture the carpets, than it is for workshop weavers. The looms used in rural areas are usually very basic horizontal looms placed on the floor, which makes it much more difficult to knot a perfectly symetrical rug.

My carpet has different nuances of colors, is there a  defect in the carpet?
It is not a defect of your carpet. What you see is known as an Abrash.  This difference in nuances occures  commonly in nomadic carpets,  it is due to the difference of dying of the wool.  It is a matter of fact that carpet connoisseurs  do appreciate the Abrash in nomadic carpets.

How do I get rid of folds in my carpet?
Folds which are due to the  handling for transportation will disappear after a few days of using. How to clean the carpet? The best domestic way to clean ist  the vacuum cleaner weekly; it is preferable to use it in pile direction. The direction of the pile can be easily determinated by swiping the hand across the carpet.oriental rugs do not necessarily need a special treatment.

Is it necessary to wash the carpets?
We advise you to give your caroet to wash to a profesional carpet specialist in order to clean properly   your carpet. This should be made in every each 10 years, depending of the use. During a professional cleaning the carpet is shaken to release it from sand and tiny stones, before starting the washing process. After that it gets washed with water.  Finally the liquid is pushed out of the carpet and the rug is being hung inside a drying room.  the carpet shines with brighter  colours.

How to remove the spots
The lanolin, which is a component of  high-quality wool, prevents an original Oriental rug from  contamination.If you have a stain   you should remove it as soon as possible.   Treat stain immediately with  warm wáter and if necesary some detergent,  don't forget to push the liquid out  by using a spoon. and  dry the affected area with a hair dryer immediately.