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Bidjar, the legendary Iron carpets.

Bidjar, the legendary Iron carpets.

Where they are made?

It is woven in an area of the mountainous region of northwestern Iran, near the village of Bidjar, an area populated by Kurds of Iran.

What makes them so special?

This is the legendary "iron carpet" known for its long duration and its excellent quality of the wool used; it is moistened, and with the help of a metal comb can achieve fine and dense knots, is woven with double Turkish knot, so obtaining a very dense pile, which  is practically impenetrable.

Design Bidjar

The pattern of the Bidjar carpet is inspired of the  Herati motif with or without central medaillon, the colors used are polychromatic and harmoniously adapt themselves  anywhere. Other famous villages around Bijar are Tekab, famous for very selected pieces  or Zandjan where more commercial pieces are made.

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