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Bachtiar Bibibaf

Type:Bakhtiar, Bachtiar
Manufacture:Hand Knotted
Length:309 cm.
Width:209 cm.
Thickness:9 mm.
Knot density:360.000 Knots per m² approx
Origin:Persia, Iran
Age:20-50 years unused
Size (Rectangular)200x300cm

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  • 200-210

Manufactured in the region of Bakhtiar /(western central part of Iran),  carpets of villages, the Bakhtiari carpet is famous for their pattern wifh square garden motifs. The carpet is very durable and the wool, fat and shiny, is considered under one the best one since the wool comes from sheep which graze in the mountains. There are different qualities and patterns according to the place of manufacturing, some of them have a geometric pattern with a simple weft thread while in other villages like in Saman or Chahal Shotur fine pieces with double weft thread and curved motifs are being manufactured.